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Take a look below at what people are saying about 'Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry by "O' Be JoyFull!"'...

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Below are comments about our tour which were emailed to us from happy customers!!!... 

"I had been on the tour quite a few times when it was run by the original tour guide and honestly, I was little skeptical when I found out she was not doing them anymore.  I was really hoping it had not become too 'commercialized' or changed too much.  I quickly realized this was not the case at all. My group had a really great time and Rick you are a great guide.  Thanks again!" - Cara, Frederick, MD, October 22, 2011.  

"We took your tour this past Saturday and it was absolutely wonderful!  We got a lot of pictures with orbs and this is my first time even capturing orbs!  I am a paranormal fanatic, so to actually capture my own orbs just makes my day.  My birthday was the day before, so this was my present and I couldn't have asked for a better gift!" - Kristy, Fairfax, VA, May 30, 2011.

 "What a wonderful time my Mother and I had on your tour Saturday night.  You were awesome!!!...Thanks for such a fun time Saturday.  I actually look forward to doing your tour again in the future!!!"...Ruth Kohl, Glen Burnie, MD, April 19, 2010.

"I want to take a minute to tell you how much we enjoyed your tour on November 27th!  Thank you...we enjoyed all the information and stories!"...LM, Vestal, NY, December 16, 2009.

"I wanted to thank you again for a great tour Tuesday night, but mainly I wanted to tell you that the boys loved it!  I was a little worried when you started that they might think it was lame and hate it.  17-year old boys listening to history?  I was really pleased that they participated and then trilled when, on the way back to the car, they were all excited and said it was very cool!  They talked about it all the way back to the campground and then around the fire.  Also, I must say that when I had to wak by myself to use the facilities, in the fog, through the mostly deserted campground, I was fairly creeped!  The tour was definitely worth staying over an extra day!"...Jo Massino, Tracy's Landing, VA., November 26, 2009.

"Very entertaining.  Rick is a great story geller & better tour guide!!  WE experienced a great walking tour with fantastic ghost stories, lore, etc., at every stop.  We had a wonderful time, even though it rained for most of the tour.  It gave us the insight & initiative to go back to all the stops in the day & night to take pictures, explore, etc.  Keep uo the good work!"...Kelly & Christina, Capon Birdge, WV., September 2009.

"Hello, I am one of the scouts from Troop 401 that had just gone on one of your Harpers Ferry Ghost Tours...I just wanted to tell you that I thought you (Amelia) had done an amazing job presenting the stories, and you more than definitely knew how to keep your audience interested.  I think your enthusiasm in telling the stories really brought what you were presenting to life.  That was one of my favorite aspects of the tour...Your tour was more than worthwhile!"...Alex Morze, September 2009.

"I recently went on your ghost tour at Harpers Ferry, WV with all the boyscouts.  I just wanted to tell you that you (Amelia) were great and the tour was fun and informative.  I enjoyed the stories and hope I can come back and actually get to look around or experience some of these things for myself...Thanks for such a great tour, it was awesome, you tell the stories very well and you are good at it!"...Matt, September 2009.

"Rick is the best tour guide we have had.  We have done several throughout Virginia, none done as well as Rick's.  We learned more about Harpers Ferry than we ever knew existed!!  Highly recommend taking both the ghost as well as historical tours!!"...The Wilkins, Colonial Beach, VA, August, 2009.